Lusty Zanzibar - For My Friends

Sometime Chicken Lips collaborator and full time disco don Stevie Kotey keeps the momentum going on his longstanding and ever consistent imprint by going slightly off piste with the latest Bearfunk 12".

'For My Friends' is the work of Lusty Zanzibar aka Alex Cordiner, Cabaret Voltaire fan and former Holistic artist, and we're struggling to describe it effectively to be honest. It's a simple concoction of fluttery synth riffs and fat bottom end, but has the sort of quirky melody that you just don't expect to hear in a non-disco record, or a house record for that matter . It is, however totally infectious, and destined to be one of Bearfunk's biggest of the year we reckon.

Solid mixes come from Kotey and Lusty himself, and all are dominated by the riff, as will your brain be after listening to this package a few times .

Beginning of the night, end of the night, all night, all aboard the wonky disco train to Zanzibar.

Release Date

November 24, 2008


Written & Produced by Lusty Zanzibar
Published by Dharma Songs
(p) & (c) Bear Entertainment 2008

  • 1. For My Friends (Original Mix)
  • 2. For My Friends (Stevie Kotey Mix)
  • 3. For My Friends (Rich Mix)
  • 4. For My Friends (Urb To Sub Mix)
  • 5. Out There
  • 6. In Your Heart
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