King DJ - Attack Of The Killer Monks EP

Belgian based sonic operator, King DJ, is a busy chap at the moment. What with his own label, 2 million DJ gigs, remixes for French legends, Space, and his nifty 'Escape From New York' disco cover version lighting up the floors, we are pretty lucky to get a fine EP from his royal highness.

'Attack Of The Killer Monks' EP is the King’s first vinyl for Bearfunk and we have enlisted a couple of minor royals to assist on the remix duties. Fellow Belgians, The Glimmers, (ably assisted by Duke Ray Mang) dub things up and strip back the grooves to some minimalist disco for their version of Killer Monks. Head Bear Prince, Stevie Kotey, tackles 'Clothes and Counters' with his chunky bass synth. Also stripping back on the lead lines his version is a low-slung growler for those more intense dance floor moments.

The King’s originals of course are also present. 'Clothes and Counters' is full of rolling bass guitar lines and darting disco keys. 'Attack Of The Killer Monks' pretty much describes the vibe of the track, part sci-fi groove from 1981 and part catchy themed lead line all in timbale-wrapped package with a few scat like vocals thrown in for good measure.

Release Date

June 21st, 2010


Written & Produced by Kristof Michiels. Percussion by Björn Denys.
Remix & additional production by on A2 by The Glimmers. A few monkeys by Ray Mang.
Edit by Dave Glimmer.
Published by Dharma Songs

(p) & (c) Bearfunk 2010

  • A1) Attack Of The Killer Monks (Original)
  • A2) Attack Of The Killer Monks (The Glimmers Black Hole Dub)
  • B1) Clothes & Counters (Stevie Kotey Mix)
  • B2) Clothes & Counters
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