King DJ - Galactic Playmate EP

Belgian based sonic operator, King DJ, is a very important chap. What with running his fine "Regalia" label imprint, a host of remixes and gigs and even releases (such as his fine 'Attack Of The Killer Monks' EP on Bearfunk) We are pretty lucky to receive material from his royal highness. An EP yes we are gracious! But an upcoming album, we are bestowed indeed.

As a taster for the upcoming Bear long player we are sneaking in a fine EP as a taster of the delights to come. The astrally named "Galactic Playmate EP" is a stomping 5 tracker which features a couple of cuts from the aforementioned album. First up is the downright funky groover "The Other Side of The Galaxy". Here our highness highers the bar and crams in stacks of swinging drums, grooving synths, guitar chops and even through in a downright funky (real) brass section. Its swings, it flys, its soars. It would be hard to match the original but we tried and think we did it. Robin Lee of Faze Action dons his Andromeda Orchesta hat and heads for a more dancelfoor approach. Keeping the melodic elements but stripping things back down for the floor.

'Playmate' is another stomper and all about the big analog bassline. Things build to a storming creshendo as the synth lines build and crown things with dancefloor frenzies. The 88 version strips back the layers but shoots us right back to a protohouse 1988 epic. The EP finishes off with the rolling bass synths of "Gonna Have Some".

Stay tuned for an upcoming album from his majesty.

Release Date

Sept 17th, 2012


Written and Produced by Kristof Michiels.
Guitar on Galaxy by Thomas Vanelslander.
Trumpets on Galaxy by Yves Fernandez.
Saxophones on Galaxy by Mark De Maeseneer.
Published by Dharma Songs.

(p) & (c) Bearfunk 2012

  • 01) The Other Side Of The Galaxy
  • 02) The Other Side Of The Galaxy (The Andromeda Orchestra Remix)
  • 03) Playmate
  • 04) Playmate (88 Remix)
  • 05) Gonna Have Some
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