The Beat Broker - Tower Of Power EP

The Beat Broker returns to Bearfunk, with 3 brand new tracks.

First up the title track 'Tower of Power' see's the San Francisco blogger delving into more spacey disco vibes, The Main Stem step up for remix duties on 'Tower of Power' with a bleepy nu-disco sound for all you late night groovers.

'Hold Your Horses' continues the theme, with immaculate production and tasty, uplifting riffs. Last up we have 'Come To Me' a classy finisher for this sublime EP.

Release Date

Feb 24th, 2014


All tracks written and produced by Ryan Bishop
Recorded at Dream Chimney Headquarters SF (2012-13)
Published by Dharma Songs
Mastered by Eugene @ Cromon

(p) & (c) Bearfunk 2014

  • 01) Tower of Power
  • 02) Tower of Power (Main Stem Remix)
  • 3) Hold Your Horses
  • 4) Come Back To Me
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