Max Essa - Continental Drift

UK born but currently based in Japan, Max Essa delivers something of a masterpiece to open our 2009 album account with. Continental Drift is the culmination of 3 years of production for us here at Bear Funk towers.

The album includes the highlights from Max's previous twelves on the label and a host of other disco delights. Using live drums, guitars and bass coupled with layers of glossy keys, 'Continental Drift delivers the beautifully produced, slick Disco sound that is his trademark.

Tracks such as Slo-Mo Sapien, Dead Acrobat and Back to The Beach showcase the laidback, slo-mo disco side of Max's sound. Elsewhere melodic groovers such as Telepath and Rooftop Rendezvous sound like undiscovered Level 42 gems. Recent single, Drive Time conjures up visions of sunsets, sweeping vistas and long lazy days.

Take a trip down Highway 101 with your tour guide, Max.

Release Date

Feb 2, 2009


Written & Produced by M.Bruce
Published by Max Essa/Air State Ltd
Special thanks to: Kazuko and Coco, Stevie Kotey, John Daly, One Eye, Charles Webster, Fabrizio Mammarella, Cosmo (Slow Motion).
(P) & (C) 2009 Bearfunk

  • 1. Slo-Mo Sapien
  • 2. Nightbeat
  • 3. Telepath
  • 4. Back To The Beach
  • 5. Rooftop Rendezvous
  • 6. Cycle Ride
  • 7. I Guess You Get A Tan In California
  • 8. Drivetime
  • 9. Pagoda
  • 10. Emotional Athlete
  • 11. Dead Acrobat
  • 12. Lamma Island, 5 A.M.
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