Stevie Kotey and Max Essa Present Soirée

When the two colossi of the Bearfunk label get together you can be sure that creative sparks will fire and the disco grooves will ooze. And so we present Stevie Kotey's and Max Essa's new album project, the cunningly titled 'Soirée'. The pair of them not only cover a lot of physical territory (Max recently moved to Japan, leaving Stevie in London) but also cover a lot of musical territory on the album…. Disco, jazz, house leftfield and balearic flavours

'Zim Zim Zar Zar' opens up proceedings, a wonky leftfield ditty which sits in the space between Lawrie Anderson and Trio (Da Da Da). Max debuts his fine vocal fettle on this track, as he does on his everyday story tale in 'Day To Day Life' and the quirky 'Synth-inside-her'.

Bow-wow-wow's Dave Barbarossa provides some fine drum backbone on several tracks on the record (for example The pizzicato TV-themed style '7 Sins From Heaven' & the 80’s talk show-esque 'Ver-Sion').

'Overgroomed', 'It’s Disco' and 'Pegasus Flys Over the Red Moon' slow things down with touches of slo-mo, lazy jazz and laid-back disco funk.

Things close up with 'The Theme From Soirée'.... Disco grooves meets Herbie Hancock with Lee Ritenour tints, jazzer keys and some nifty fretwork from Max. Robin Lee (one half of pioneering Faze Action) helps out in the engineering & final touch department, which wraps the album in a fine audiophile bow.

Release Date

Dec 7th, 2009


All Songs Written by Stevie Kotey and M.Bruce
Produced by Stevie Kotey & Max Essa
Mixed by Stevie Kotey
Additional Engineering By Robin Lee
Additional Drums by Dave Barbarossa
Additional Keys on Soiree Theme by Damien Manester
Additional Synths on Synths Inside Her by Pete Z
All Percussion by Des Morgan
Published by Dharma Songs & Max Essa/Air State
Mastered By Eugene @ Retreat Media

(p) & (c) Bearfunk 2009

  • 01. Zim Zim Zar Zar
  • 02. Seven Sins From Heaven
  • 03. Synth Inside Her
  • 04. Ver-Sion
  • 05. Pegasus Flys Over The Red Moon
  • 06. Can't Leave it Alone
  • 07. Overgroomed
  • 08. Day to Day Life
  • 09. It's Disco
  • 10. More Steam Hercule
  • 11. Soirée Theme
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