Secret Carnaval- Robero Auser

Liner notes:

The music of Roberto Auser originates from Ausland of which Intercity is the capital. The exact location of Ausland is still a mystery and remains a well kept secret.

Centuries ago all birds and wildlife in Ausland were killed when a full moon and a virus containing the hybrid predecessor of h1n5 bird flu met each other in the hands of a Gypsy scientist. Since that day music has become the essential fabric of the nation. Emulating and synthesizing natural bird and animal sounds it provides an escape into the wild.

Equally at one with the post-apocalyptic plains outside Intercity and the jungle balm of the kraut-pirates. Roberto crafts out his kaleidoscopic music making his dusty analogue synthesizers and creamy digital keyboards work together like a music machine capturing the cinematic juice and jungle sweat, as he paints a picture of the rich aural landscape that is Ausland.

Quite how this soundtrack to this mysterious landscape came to rest in the hands of Stevie from Bearfunk we are still to establish. Rumour has it, the story involves talking frogs, pirate radio, a mysterious 70s italian beach cult and a 1982 blue Mercedes. Others insist the that Ausland music is indeed an illusion, a touchstone to Roberto's synthesizer music channeled via his magic carpet to Stevie's Minds Eye. Either way, this celebration has a name and its name is 'Secret Carnaval'. Enjoy the ride!

Release Date

May 5th, 2010


Written and Produced by Roberto Auser except CD1.4 and CD2.10 Roberto Auser and Ian Martin
Mixed and Recorded at Ausland Studio’s, Rotterdam
Mastered by Wim @ Inline Mastering
Published by Dharma Songs

(p) & (c) Bearfunk 2010

CD 1
  • 01. Theme From Another World (part1)
  • 02. Caravan
  • 03. Disco Ritmo
  • 04. Brown Sugar Jam
  • 05. Theme From Another World (part2)
  • 06. Secret Carnaval (Short)
  • 07. Gipsy Dream
  • 08. Got The Flavor
  • 09. Sultano
  • 10. The Acid Test
  • 11. 1979
  • 12. Theme From Another World (part3)
CD 2
  • 01. You See Light, I See Dark (Long)
  • 02. Heavy Water
  • 03. Corridor
  • 04. Happy days
  • 05. Intercity
  • 06. Into The Void
  • 07. In A Blue Dream
  • 08. 1978
  • 09. Sultano
  • 10. Under The Bridge
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