Max Essa - White Shoes Blue Dreams

Japanese based, multi-instrumentalist, Max Essa, has parked his yacht in the Bearfunk harbour once more. This time the cargo is his splendid second album 'White Shoes, Blue Dreams'.

Whilst Max includes plenty of his pundit-pleasing, beach and summer sounds, in this album he moves his sound on a bit, or 'back a bit' we should say; the vibes Delorian themselves right back to the 80's. Across the long player he dips his pen into the decade with his customary skill and slick production sheen. The result is an ever so clever mix of sunblessed grooves, disco sensibilities and glossy 80’s production. This time around Max also gets a lot more vocal. His dulcet tones feature on over half of the album’s 12 tracks.

Tracks such as 'Moonlight & A New Direction' and title track (and recent single) 'White Shoes, Blue Dreams' illustrate the new sound perfectly. They both mix the slick grooves, melodic musicality and pure Max sunshine all tied up with nifty, mature but catchy song-writing.

If you listen carefully you can hear the 80’s touchstones throughout the album;‘El Pilota’ (Level 42), ‘We Can Run’ (Simple Minds), ‘One Night Out Of Seven’ (Blancmange) and ‘Naked Horseback Rider’ (A Sunburnt Edwyn Collins).

For those who like their Max tracks all beach, sand and yachts, you will not be disappointed with tracks such as 'Wrong Villa', 'Glass Bottomed Boats' and 'Love On The Water'.

Release Date

Oct 18th, 2010


'White Shoes Blue Dreams' written by M.Bruce. Produced by Max Essa. Mixed by Max Essa at Jardin Studios, Kanagawa, Japan. Assisted by Ryuichi Jakamoto, Motoyoshi 'Donkey' Sakamoto and Adam Jantrangkool. Mood provided by Coco Rokka.
All instrumentation, programming and vocals by Max Essa. Additional vocals by Kazuko Kawabe. Additional percussion by Des Morgan.
Mastered By Eugene @ Retreat Media
Published by Dharma Songs.

(p) & (c) Bearfunk 2010

  • 1) Moonlight & A New Direction
  • 2) White Shoes, Blue Dreams
  • 3) El Pilota
  • 4) Glass Bottomed Boats
  • 5) One Night Out Of Seven
  • 6) Saturation (Dub)
  • 7) We Can Run
  • 8) Naked Horse Back Rider
  • 9) Wrong Villa
  • 10) Enoshima Mon Amor
  • 11) Mirage
  • 12) Love On The Water
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