Various Artists - Hibernation volume 2

Liner notes:

It's that time again; the bears come out of their winter Hibernation and take stock of the idyllic beauty that is all around them. Upon opening their weary sleep filled eyes, the sound of a new season floats through the air like Doves gliding through morning sun.

So what is this sound? Well at Bearfunk we firmly believe in working our artists and producers as hard as possible, so all through the winter they have very busy bee's honing in on that special Bearfunk sound we know and love.

We welcome Downtown Party Network and Lasertom & The Blast Crew as newest members of the Bearfunk cult. They both deliver outstanding tracks with DPN's "Get a Life" opening the compilation. Lasertom & The Blast Crew hail from the Emerald Isle and are currently fine tuning an LP for Bearfunk, they lay down a potent marker with "Two Sides" a smoked out dub disco jam that is sure to make your bottom move.

Elsewhere we have regular contributors Max Essa, Ilija Rudman and Visti & Meyland doing what they do best. Be sure to check out Essa's remix of Kotey Extra Band "I'm Dancin" which is exclusive to this compilation. Peter Visti pops up with "Lost In Space" a new single from his forthcoming solo LP. Claremont 56 head honcho Mudd is a purveyor of some of the Bear's earliest releases. Whilst Stevie was cleaning up the master's box he noticed that Mudd's "Ossian's Cave" release had some unreleased mixes which sounded amazing.

Tobor Experiment Disco Experience gives us another peek into his forthcoming LP with "Guitar Voodoo" an exotic piece of contemporary disco. Blakula's LP was one of the best sellers and a highlight for many last year. Miss Morgue a track from that album gets the Kotey extension with his Neck bite edit. Those crazy Italians Mushrooms Project made "Phalcon Crest" many moons ago, we love the style of this duo, they have the energy and passion of a Ferrari but there music has the subtleness and craft of a Jaguar, its easy going music at its best.

Release Date

March 21st, 2011


01) Written & Produced by Mindaugas Lapinskis and Algirdas Miescionaitis. Published by Dharma Songs.

02) Written and Produced by Marco Lentano, Giorgio Giri & Damiano Tirillo. Published by Dharma Songs

03) Written and Produced by Paul Murphy. Published by Copyright Control

04) Written and Produced by Peter Visti. Published by Dharma Songs

05) Written and Produced by Giorgio Sancristoforo. Published by Dharma Songs

06) Written and Produced by Peter Visti & Jakob Meyland. Published by Dharma Songs

07) Written and Produced by Matthew Bruce. Published by Airstate.

08) Written and Produced by Stevie Kotey and Matthew Bruce. Published by Dharma Songs / Westbury Music.

09) Written and Produced by Ilija Rudman. Published by Dharma Songs

10) Written and Produced by Simon Cullen. Published by Dharma Songs

11) Written and Produced by Andrea Bellentani & Marco Maccari. Published by Dharma Songs

(p) Bearfunk 2010
(c) Bearfunk 2011

  • 01. Downtown Party Network - Get A life
  • 02. Mushrooms Project - Phalcon Crest
  • 03. Mudd - Ossians Cave (Deep Discovery Mix)
  • 04. Peter Visti - Lost In Space
  • 05. Tobor Experiment Disco Experience - Guitar Voodoo
  • 06. Visti and Meyland – Leave Your Worries (Loudery Remix)
  • 07. Max Essa – White Shoes Blue Dreams (Marbella Mix)
  • 08. Kotey Extra Band - I'm Dancin' (Max Essa Remix)
  • 09. Ilija Rudman - Show Me The Magic
  • 10. Lasertom & The Blast Crew - Two Sides
  • 11. Blakula - Miss Morgue (Kotey's Neck Bite Edit)
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