Altz was born and brought up in Osaka, Japan. This powerhouse of DJ, production and remixes is a truly gifted individual as his productions show. Altz plays guitars, basses, keyboards, mandolins but most of all loves his faithful old Mac.

Releases: BFK010 | BFK019 | BFKCD001


Arturo Capone

Arturo Capone is an italian producer, working in many fields including art direction, remixing and production. His career began in the early 90's when he stepped up to the turntables and never looked back. As DJ he is complete and truly inspired by his legends (Larry Levan, Idjut Boys, Dj Harvey) as well as U.S. garage, mutant disco, deep house, detroit, and funk. Since the end of the 90's, he has been totally absorbed into music production, the result being his debut Album Miocuore.

Releases: BE017 | BFK029 | BFKCD004



The Venetian Gugliemo Bottin is a producer, DJ and sound designer with a rich tapestry of experience in a wide range of sound-related areas. Not only is he involved with making awesome nu-disco originals and remixes (as we are well aware), he's been involved with numerous art installations and cultural institutions, acting as curator for the Color Music series at Sonar festival in Barcelona, as a sound artist for the Fabrica "creative research centre" and getting his work featured at the Cannes Film Festival, for example. His DJ sets are an unpredictable journey into space disco, italo raritiesa and deep funk. It's a reckless blend of retro-futuristic sounds and contemporary electronica that always sets the dancefloor on fire.

Appearances: BFKCD031 | BFKCD007 | BFK043


Chicken Lips

Chicken Lips comprises of Andy Meecham and Dean Meredith with our own Steve Kotey entering into the frey for more recent projects. Chicken Lips have been producing some inspired New York Disco fuelled electro house for the last five years and they are equally well known for their remixes and edits for the likes of Josh Wink, Underworld, Playgroup, Stereo MC's, Tiga and Utah Saints to name a few. Dean Also records on Bearfunk as Goat Dance.

Appearances: BFK022

Chicken Lips

Clap Rules

Clap Rules is the pseudonym of Andrea Gabriele, Max Leggieri and Fabrizio Mammarella a Triumvirate of producer-dj-musicians-sound designers making experiments with dance music. After relaes on Tiny Sticks, Dissident and Slow Motion records, Clap Rules are already a landmark over the electronic-dance panorama. Their first album "Golden Hands" is a 10 tracks LP moving from melodic songs to dance tracks via experimental tunes showing a deep love for vintage equipment and recording techniques mixed up with a fresh modern approach to what they consider dance music with no boundaries. The live performance is one of the strong points of the band that juggles on stage between drum machines, analog synthesizers, vocoder, bass, guitar and amazing dub-noise effects.

Appearances: BFKCD019

Chicken Lips

The Diaphanoids

Hello Earthlings. From the netherland of the kosmos, here come The Diaphanoids. With a bizarre and mind-boggling musical background (junk rock, alternative library music for TV, songwriting for Luciano Pavarotti (yes, him!), Blackbox and many techno-house releases during the nineties, orchestral composers, arrangers, producers), these psychonauts will deliver their own unique blend of lunar funkadelia + spaced-out disco+ astro rock+ galactic soul + confuzed boogie + congotronics + krautgrooves + seventies soundtracks, with titles like excerpts from psy/sci-fi B-movies.

Releases: BE018 | BFK029 | BFKCD003

The Diaphanoids

Fabrizio Mammarella

Fabrizio Mammarella has released his first Panorama Ep in 2004 through Steve Koteys Hairy Claw imprint. Since than he has made solo records, remixes and collaborations (with Kotey, The Emperor Machine, Chaz Jankel..) for different labels such as DFA, Bear Funk, Tiny Sticks, Super Soul, Brontosaurus, Rollerboys. His production and dj style is a mixture of electronic disco, dub and psychedelic proto-house.

Releases: BFK015 | BFK027 | BFK023


Foolish and Sly

Sly's previous: …did his first vocal session aged 9, wrote + recorded his first song aged 12, son of George Chandler, member of 70’s UK funk/disco outfits Gonzales + Olympic Runners, Kyle was surrounded by music from birth. Thru his teenage years he taught himself to play drums, bass, guitar and the rudiments of studiocraft.

Releases: BFK001

Foolish and Sly

Hans-Peter Lindstrom

Lindstrom is the moniker of Hans-Peter Lindstrom. Born and raised on country & western in the west coast of Norway, he now resides in Oslo making electronic music with a nerve. Hans-Peter is a multi instrumentalist, playing both drums, guitar, bass and keyboards.

Releases: BE006 | BE008 | BFK004


Idjut Boys

The Idjut Boys aka Dan Tyler & Conrad McConnell hooked up in the late eighties through a shared love of the disco not disco of Harvey and Francois K. Best described as eclectic (or, to the uninitiated, eccentric) their DJ sets are typified by an anything goes attitude. Disco, electro, r&b, soul, house, techno, hip hop, pop & rock. Anything works if it fits in the mix.

Releases: BFK006 | BFK010 | BFK016 | BFK018

Idjut Boys

Ilija Rudman

Ilija's been present force on the underground disco scene for the past decade, in both production as well as a clever and eclectic discjockey. Bringing together his love for pure analog sound without compromises and boogie, his disco maxi singles indeed do sound like a blast from the Prelude, West End or late Salsoul past.

In the studio, he collaborated with some of the following top-notch artists: Random Factor, Greg Wilson, Faze Action, Chaz Jankel, L.S.B., The Revenge , Leroy Burgess, Mark E, Spirit Catcher, Rhythm Based Lovers, Stevie Kotey, Tim Fuller or Ignition The Band to name a Few.

Ilija's discography runs deep,with more than 50 releases around the globe on various labels such as Rong Music, Bear Funk , 2020 Vision, Electric Minds, Jisco Music / UTS, Instruments Of Rapture, Red Music Records, Compost Record, Wolf Music, Tirk, Love Is War Music or Azuli.

When not taking a swim in the Croatian sea, Rudman runs his eclectic-disco label, Red Music Records (est. 2003) with tunes that have been well received and highly recognized in the dance music scene .

Releases: BFK036 | BFK046 | BFK0CD015 |

DJ Kent

DJ Kent, one of the former member of Force of Nature, a remarkable DJ/producer, has been seeking for quality dance music beyond House, Disco, Dub, New Wave Disco Dub, Techno, Electro, Break Beats and Hip Hop.

Releases: BFK002 | BFK005

DJ Kent

Lasertom & The Blast Crew

Lasertom & The Blast Crew began as a studio project by Dublin born musician Simon Cullen. Cullen has been quietly experimenting over the last year or so with ways to combine his influences and interests, both musical and otherwise and with the help of some friends and some studio time this endeavour ultimately was baptised under the auspicious moniker Lasertom & The Blast Crew. They have also begun to move away from the confines of the studio to play live shows reulting in the crew expanding and involving a melee of some of Dublins finest.

Releases: BFK053

Lasertom & The Blast Crew

Max Essa

During the mid to late 90's Max notched up a string of releases with friend, Tim White, recording under the name Essa. Play-listed by a wide variety of D.J's from Bob Jones and Ashley Beedle to Radio 1's Annie Nightingale and Mary-Ann Hobbs, Essa followed an impressive catalogue of 12's and E.P's with their 'Detritus Excitus' L.P on Paperecordings in 2001.

Releases: BFK060 | BFK058 | BFKCD030 | BFKLP026 | BE014 | BFK030 | BFKCD005 | BFK049 | BFKCD012 | BFK052

Roberto Auser

Roberto Auser is a dutch artist, designer, DJ and talented producer known for his 70's inspired synthesizer music. His music is best described as an adventurous combination of Disco, sweaty House, garage Techno, delicate Soundtracks, Ambient and lots of exotic sounds. Also known for his music played on radio regularly.

Releases: BFK045 | BFKCD009

Roberto Auser

Stevie Kotey

Stevie got his first taste for music at 16 working for Audio One studios in Soho London, a promotion from tea boy to tape operator gave him a chance to sit in on various pop productions and also confirmed his urge to get into the music biz. After years of top productions and remixes Stevie launched Bearfunk in 2002. Bear Entertainment is now one of the world's most talked about independent disco distribution companies. With a catalogue of music that ranges from Disco to Balearic and from Funk to Acid house The Bear is known for its love of weird music and stupid humour. Bears' A&R repertoire reads like the who's who of wonky disco but that's not all. In 2002 Stevie joined forces with his Stafford amigos Chicken Lips for both DJ, live and studio duties.

Releases: BE007 | BFK007 | BFK008 | BFK003 | BE001 | ECON003 | BFK014 | BFK021 | BE010 | BFK044| BFKCD008| BFKCD010

Steve Kotey

The Bank

Every smart human being is ditching the "civilized" world to get closer to his roots in the "third world countries" . The Bank pioneered the movement relocating in western Africa (lagos) in early 2010, making a living playing weddings, hotels, eateries, corporate events and clubs.

The international Bankers' meeting was the band best paying gig, but in order to get the sought after cash an account was mandatory, within the next minute they needed an address, a stay permit and a tax number, progress just got to Africa. Ten minutes later they named themself "THE BANK, spent their last $ on a rusty mini van and hit the road until a snow storm stopped them in Incline Village (NV) where they settled few days offering their service at a local studio to survive. It was a stormy night when they pressed record, "upper class" was born. Spring was knocking at the door, snow melt, birds whistle beautiful melodies but the van hit the road again. Few month later Bear Funk found the forgotten recordings and signed the Bank straight away, ready?

Releases: BFKLP024| BFK059

The Beat Broker

The Beat Broker was born in 1975 and raised in Southern California. His earliest musical influences include radio synth pop and soon after, mid-80s hip-hop by such artists as Eric B. & Rakim and EPMD. It's these production styles of sampling, updating and remixing that would later become a huge influence on his own work.

Working at the local college radio station in the late 90s launched the next chapter of his musical interests. The vast music library opened the door to a variety of electronic music and led to the late-night experimental soundscape show called 'WIRETAP' which became the first step into DJing and studio time. With production partner Ryan Fitzgerald, the two decided to record their sessions and eventually have a studio of their own. They later became Broker/Dealer and have released music on labels such as ASPHODEL, SPECTRAL, TRAUM and SENTRALL.

The Beat Broker began DJing outside of the bedroom in 2001 playing everything from German minimal techno to classic 80s electro to italo disco. As part of Broker/Dealer, the duo created a monthly/weekly party in San Francisco called 'POP', which in its 5 years, had hosted many popular acts ranging from Erland Oye, Brennan Green and Tako/Loud-E. To create just the right mood, the Beat Broker began to make edits, remixes and even original tracks to mix into the night. From slower "cosmic" music for the beginning of the night to up-tempo synthesizer based crowd pleasers for the peak hours. These productions later became completed works and have been released on labels such as BEAR FUNK, FLEXX, DISQUES SINTHOMME, GHOST TOWN, ADULT CONTEMPORARY and SENTRALL. In the past few years the Broker has been up late working in his office producing and remixing for Eskimo, Add2Basket, Rebirth, Voltaire and Internasjonal to name a few. While continuing to make remixes and original tracks, the Beat Broker is constantly attempting to fuse old sounds with new ideas and create something for the crowd as well as the listener.

Releases: BFKLP025| BFK061

Tobor Experiment Disco Experience

Giorgio Sancristoforo (Milan, 1974) is a music producer and multimedia artist. He has devoted 360° of his life to his art; with interactive installations, experimental softwares, video-art, and contemporary music. At the same time, Giorgio has an insane passion for 70s pop disco and moogxploitation.

Synthesizers, tape recorders, and vintage Fender basses are his favorite obsessions. In 2008 he has released his first EP with Bear Funk: Disco Moog, and now has presented his first self-titled LP. A love letter music and a lost friend.

Releases: BFKCD018| BFK032| BFK055

Todd Terje

Terje hails from Mjøndalen.. but as Terje remarks "there is nothing clubby about that place". Studying astro physics and being a DJ was only ever going to end in one way: Space disco: Bearfunk07 was Terje's first release, (although it was remixed by Prins Thomas). It rocked DJs worldwide with its infectious bassline and Prins disco drums, but Terje has many tricks up his own sleeve with a string of quality mixes and globetrotting DJ sets.

Releases: BFK007


Visti & Meyland

In 2003, Visti & Meyland teamed up through friends, and immediately found out that they shared a mutual passion for creating music. Their love of music has spawned several 12" on labels such as Warner, Music for Dreams and Eskimo. Apart from this, their tracks have also appearad on several compilations like Hotel Costes and sync'ed up for Movie and Tv such as CSI. Both being Geminies, the vibe in the studio can become fairly tense, and sometimes result in hour-long discussions on music, music history, musical taste and life in general. This however, is also the essense of their partnership. A musical marriage. A no-compromise approach to loving and creating music. Their selftitled debut album, now signed on Bearfunk, is a result of their 7-year journey together.

Releases: BFK048 | BFK050 | BFKCD011